Made for the Github GameOff 2018 this is an  2d/3d hybrid Survival IO game.

How to play

Collect resources to buy better equipment and gold to be the number one. 


WASD To move 
Mouse To look 
Left button To gather resources / fight other players 
Mousewheel/1-4 To equip item


If you have enough resources you can buy weapons and you can increase its effectivity by upgrading from stone to iron, silver and gold levels.  With the correct resources the store will automatically appear and show the items you can buy.

Sheeps will give you food and gold. 

Knife is fast to buy and upgrade, it gives you a little more range and probability to gather resources and a little more fight power. 

Axe will give you medium range and more probability to gather resources and medium fight power. 

Spear will give you the largest range but no probability increase to gather resources and high fight power.


  • Add more animals (birds, lion, wild boar)
  • Add more items (bow, sword)
  • Add items to build your house (walls, door, traps)

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